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The Law vs what you want

Good afternoon. I have been watching the news lately by accident. I got so hung up on it during the pandemic (lockdown, partial lockdown, etc) that I have been taking a break. It seems like the last few times I have watched, I have seen people doing stupid stuff that breaks laws. The primary one is the wearing of masks on airplanes. People have been getting on the plane, refusing the wear the mask, and chaos (fights, violence, etc.) break out on the flight.

I know masks suck. People on the Right think the people on the Left love wearing masks and its part of some control agenda. People on the Left think the people on the Right are just selfish and don't care about anyone else. People in the middle (me) have a front row seat to stupid. Why stupid? Growing up in the 80s, I was taught to respect authority. That authority included (in no particular order) my parents, my teachers, policemen, firemen, my grandparents and family adults, the parents of my friends, neighbors, doctors and medical professionals. It is a long list. If a teacher said do something, I did it. If a police car's lights went on, that meant pull over (it might not be me, but he gets the right of way), and if the law says to do or not do something, I didn't

The law regarding air travel right now says you must wear a mask. This is not an opinion. It is not political agenda. It is the law. Yet, there are still people who insist on boarding a plane, knowing they will not comply. They either get removed from the plane, start a fight, or get the plane to land. Either way they lose. It doesn't matter if they record it on their phone. They are in the wrong. They broke the law. I don't care if you are Right, Left or Center, the law is written for all of us. We all have to follow the laws. I hate masks. I don't want to wear them again when I start teaching. If my boss says I have to, I will, because I respect authority. If my boss tells me, its not a law, but it is a rule, and he is my boss, and as I said I was taught to respect authority. It's ok to question authority, but this kind of blatant rule-breaking makes it hard on everyone. Just put the mask on when you get on the plane. Isn't there enough crazy going on right now in the world?

All flyers, including children and those vaccinated, are required by federal law to wear a face mask when in a US airport or onboard an airplane. Other countries have varying rules but most require face masks to be worn by travelers. Jul 1, 2021. Yahoo!

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